Bully Fish

This week has gone by super-fast…

I have been reorganizing my home in my spare time in between homeschooling, my college assignments, impromptu family gatherings, and the daily chores.  In the midst of it all, my Backup Brain and I had been reminiscing about our first apartment.  It was a small little studio apartment; about the size of a master bedroom.  Inside, however, was teeming with life: me, my backup brain, a kitten we found outside our door one day, a guinea pig, a hamster, and our beta fish.

For some time now, our son has been asking for a pet that he can call his own.  We currently have three white doves (which for me is one too many).  Though they are very sweet and never peck or would ever try to hurt you.  They are great for kids, but they are messy little buggers…

At this point I really don’t want another pet like a dog or cat or anything with four legs that walks on land.  I know that I will end up with the responsibility of caring for it 24/7, ensuring that they are fed and cleaned.  I couldn’t possibly take on the additional responsibility right now.

So instead, my sister bought my kids some molly fish after a promise she made to my son after a trip to the pet store to buy her dog some food.  The fish are great, I don’t have to walk them and my kids love feeding them their flaky food and giving them blood worm treats.

The downside is that we started off with five molly fish and now there are only two…Although we may have found the culprit!  Evidently, we have a little bully fish living in our tank that likes to eat all of the food and not leave any for his partner.  Anytime that poor molly fish tries to feed himself, the “bully” will chase it away and hides inside the decorative log.  Poor thing.  We didn’t know it was happening this whole time.  We just thought, honestly, that we had a very active and playful fish when we would watch them swimming all over the tank.

But it all makes sense now…That bully sure is much bigger and always has a bulging belly…

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