Everyday Learning

I have officially started my Private School at home.  We are having a lot of fun with it and I can’t believe how amazing it feels to be a part of my children’s learning experience and growth.  Yes, we learn together every day and they were with me every day even before today... but this is different.  I'm not putting them in someone else's hands and hoping for the best.  I am making a plan and insuring my kids are learning at their full potential.  

A lot of research went into making this decision.  I was so nervous Monday because I had this plan and wasn’t sure how it was all going to come together and if my son was going to give me a difficult time with having more structure in our days.  But as it turns out he’s really enjoying it and feels like we are just having one on one “play while learning time”.  When my husband comes home, he’ll boast about the “games” we played and what he learned.  Though, I wouldn’t call them games…  I am glad that I'm able to make it that much fun to make it seem like play time, and hope to keep his love for learning as exciting to him, as this first week.

My daughter is not quite in the pre-school age range, but we are working on learning new things as well.  She knows her shapes, colors, and ABC’s (letter recognition), which is more than I can ask of her and am happy to be able to boast about.  I had been somewhat concerned that she wasn’t speaking as many words as she should at about age 23 months.  As it turns out, my worries were all for not.  She was listening and understanding, just not reciprocating it.  Days before her 2nd birthday, the discovery of such known shapes and colors was made known to us by her.  I guess I should be less surprised…  After all, she did the same when it came to hitting her walking milestone…  Literally, days before her 1st birthday is when she decided “ok, I’m just going to walk like a pro now” (OK, may not like a “pro” but as much a pro a one year can be at walking. You get it…).  Every day there is a little surprise in her.

My son learned a lot fast (still is) and learned younger than most little ones to where it was noticeable.  My daughter is also picking up everything we teach her, but she’s not as vocal about it and goes about her own unless “she” feels like sharing with you.  For example, she will request reading time on her schedule, not yours…  It’s hard not to worry and especially at times not to compare but I remind myself, and my husband too, that she’s listening and likes to rather surprise us then to show all her tricks at once.

My son is an explorer (loves to discover how things work) and my daughter is artistic (loves to sing, dance and draw).  Having learned the differences about each of my kiddos makes the process and idea of homeschooling that much more interesting and fun thus far.

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