Imprinted Memory

Image by hsubervi

This image brought back some beautiful memories of my dear dad.

Dandelions are quite something…
Fragile and dainty… 
They somehow, someway manage to bring a little hope into our hearts.

We'd always pick these dandelions together on the rarity of finding them.  He’d say "make a wish".  I never knew what to wish for…  So, I’d hold on to it a little longer then my older sister, who was always sure of what she wanted from life.  But soon I’d find something I could wish for, and that little wish always gave me hope and a little joy to watch its petals float away into the wind.

It’s a memory that from childhood has been imprinted.
My lovely sister and I could never forget this beautiful gift, of such a vivid memory.

I miss you Dad 

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