Mommy Lingo

Being a parent opens you up to a world that many people belong to, but can hardly explain to those without kids.  Certain things come to mind; phrases I never thought I would say, cleaning areas I never in my wildest dreams would have to clean…multiple times, and the excitement of very simple things (Apples for Lunch!!  YAY!!!)  I would like to discuss a little bit of the former, mainly some of the things I get to say every day to my children that, outside of being a parent, I would NEVER say in public.


“Goink” is what I say when I want to “boop” one of the kids.  Usually on the head, the nose, or I poke them in the belly.  What it has evolved to be is something to diffuse any situation where one of them actually gets hurt.  My youngest, for example, loves to climb on top of her little table.  While she does have great balance, there are times where she tumbles going up or down, falling on her little behind.  Before she starts to cry, I loudly “GOINK!” which makes her laugh.  It’s really effective and teaches her that falling down is not that big of a deal, and sometimes funny.

“Child one, stop drawing on Child two!”

My children love to draw and on every surface in the house.  We are not limited to paper, oh no…everything that can hold ink is now a blank canvas for my budding artists.  Walls, mirrors, and yes, each other.  I like to think that they are just expressing their creativity on each other, but in reality, I think they just find it humorous.  Don’t get me wrong, I used to doodle on my hands when I was bored, but not with a bright purple Crayola marker.  Luckily, they wash off easily…but not before I get a picture of the “ink”…we now have an “art table” converted from an unused Thomas the Train Engine table (YAY!! DIY!!), to keep them contained to one area.

“Boo Boo?  Where ARE you?”

Considering my youngest is an amateur climber, it’s not uncommon for “boo boo’s” to occur.  So, because she was frequently obtaining boo boo’s, I would point it out, saying “Aww…Boo Boo…”  After saying it so many times, I just started calling her “Boo Boo.”  Of course, she caught on, and now for EVERY injury (it’s never an actual injury, just little kid owies), she comes to me showing me her boo boo’s, both visible and imaginary, which is just her asking me to kiss where she was hurt.  It’s become one of her many endearing nicknames. 

Sorry for all of the Mommy Lingo, but these kids are my life and I am their Mommy.  Since I am a stay-at-home mom and a now a Homeschool Teacher, the Mommy Lingo comes out more and more.  I joke with friends that if I start to speak to them as if they are 4 years old, that they would just have to forgive me.  I don’t get enough free time away from my kids (not complaining) but if I don’t start to change something, my college professors might just think I need to go back to Kindergarten…

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