My Butterfly

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I went to bed with a smile on my face last night. As my daughter reaches her 3rd birthday my husband and I recollect our memories of how much our kids have grown and we wish we could pause the time and keep them young and small.  Of course the reality is that isn’t possible…  One day they won’t be small anymore.

At that moment my son came to us to see what we were talking about in regards to him and his sister.  I looked at him with gloom in my eyes, my daughter in my arms as she slept and said “One day you are going to grow up and you may not want to give me hugs and kisses anymore…”  He responded, “I love you mommy and I will always want to give you hugs and kisses when I grow up.”  We continued our conversation including him in by telling him how proud we are of his caring and loving his sister, his compassion for others and his intelligence.

I don’t know how we got so lucky with two beautiful kids.  They fill our hearts with more love, laughter and joy than we ever knew existed.

The things they do to melt my heart; The way my daughter sings twinkle little star, adds “ie” to end of words, and kisses you and smiles just to make you smile; The way my son says “I love you to the moon, around the world and back” adding his extra touch to the well-known quote, reads to his sister, and records himself telling stories so he can show us all his newest creations.

I could list many more but then I may never complete telling you it all.

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