Sunny, Rainy Day
Sunny, Rainy Day
It may have rained for only an hour in San Diego but when it did, it was an event.  It had been 102 degrees during the day and my kids were down to their underwear.  In this heat it’s just unrealistic to make the little ones wear anything more without getting heat stroke or sitting in front of a fan ALL day.

Once the rain hit sprinkle mode, my kids wanted to immediately go and play outside.  The only problem was they didn’t want clothes on…  I don’t blame them; it was damn hot, too hot for clothes...  Once I got their little  butts in something decent, I let them have at it and they ran outside like the ice cream truck was there waiting for them.
Never stop learning
In the short amount of time during the downpour, we took pictures of the smiling faces my kids had as they jumped in every puddle that they found and squealed happily every time there was sound of thunder.  We even collected rain water for our little scientist to look at under his microscope.  They played outside until the rain stopped.  An overwhelming hot day turned into a playful rainy day, even if it only lasted an hour.  It was the best hour of the day.

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