Things that will be missed about Plastic Grocery Bags

1.  Cutting off the circulation from your fingertips.
2.  The handle breaking minutes before you make it home.
3.  The box of cereal that cut through the bag.
4.  The little holes you sometimes find when you tried to throw something with liquid out in it, only to find a trial behind you.
5.  That floating bag on the freeway you hope doesn’t get trapped on your wind shield.
6.  Taking hours to fold them into triangles to conserve space.
7.  Saving on trash bags for the ridiculously small but necessary trash cans.
8.  Making parachutes
9.  Trying to take of all the groceries out of the car trunk indoors in one trip and feeling like a hero.
10.  Using them for dog walks to pick-up poopies.
11.  Hording them because you never know when you might need them…
12.  Using them as packing stuffing when you are all out of package peanuts.
13.  Using them as rain booties to protect your shoes from mud.
14.  Wrapping your newborns doodie diapers before tossing to keep the smell away.
15.  Tying them together to make a surprisingly strong rope.

Add yours to the list

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