Where are you now?

It’s a common misconception that all friends are friends that will remain your friends “forever”.  People come and are gone sometimes just as fast as they arrived.  If we make good judgments, they’ll be friends that you can count on anytime, during the good and the bad.  Otherwise, if they leave, what you’ve gained is still worth a valuable lesson.

Luckily, I’ve only had this heartache once.  Why?  Because I was going through one of the roughest years in my young life and had no idea how to handle it and much less communicate it.  During this time in my life I was incapable of giving my full attention to the person I then called my “BFF”… much less myself.   I was trying to fix the broken pieces that were my life.  I had been losing grip of the things that made sense to me and shut the world out.

My then best friend felt ignored and unappreciated and couldn’t understand that what was happening had nothing to do with her.  And everything to do with my life being in shambles. 
I tried once to make contact but I don’t think it would have changed anything.  I wasn’t ready to tell my story and she wasn’t ready to listen.

In the end we all have to learn one way or another who our real friends are.  I think, we best see our true friends when the rain is pouring on you, and in the distance waiting for you is that friend with an umbrella.  Nothing has to be said, nothing has to be done, it just is…

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