Icing on the Cookie

If I could sell cookies for a living, that’s what I’d do.  But not all cookies… You see, I don’t really like baking “THAT” much and I’m not that great at it either.  I don’t have that “thing” it takes to be creative with flavor when it comes to baking... I can’t create an idea for a desert and make it taste good.  When I’m in the mood for sweets, I like to be able to just enjoy eating it without having to mix it, put it in the oven and then wait for it.  I can follow directions but that’s as far as my baking skills go.

Backup Brain on the other hand, is great at baking but no good at cooking.  And that’s where we balance each other.  He bakes, I cook.  Sometimes he cooks, but then I’d rather just eat the cake...

What I really love about the cookies I would sell, is the art.  Sugar cookies you can draw on; shape in to creative and elaborate designs, all to make them pleasant to look at.  I don’t eat the cookies I decorate.  But others do.  And they love them!  I’ll take their word for it.

And so, that’s why I’d sell cookies for a living if I could…  I just need others to eat them for me year round (not just for birthday parties) so I can keep decorating for fun!

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