Knock... Knock..

On Friday, the kids and I were surprised as Backup Brain surprised us all by showing up early from work.  It wasn’t so much as him showing up, but as how he did it.  The night before, we joked that he should just stay home from work the next day because, like I had mentioned in last week’s post, we have been working on organizing our home and we both were exhausted.  Of course, he wasn’t going to stay home because he was tired, but it would have been nice to have him here and sleep in (well…to when the kids get up).

So, around three o’clock, we were texting each other and Scarlett had been asking for her Daddy all day, saying “Daddy…door? Daddy…outside?”  I reassured her that he would be home soon, which wasn’t for another 4 hours (she can’t tell time yet…)   I told him that our little girl had been asking for him and he responded that he wishes he was home.  I jokingly (not really…) told him that he should just come home…now.  He laughed and asked “Right now?” to which I responded “Yeah!”  He waited a moment, and then texted me something strange: “Hey…knock knock...” Just then, there was a very loud knock on our door…

It startled me for a second and I crept up to the door and opened it slowly…it was the Backup Brain!  He came home early!  Well…because of the Labor Day weekend, everyone at his working was scheduled off a few hours early.  He didn’t even tell me that he was off!  Then it hit me, Labor Day was on Monday and I completely forgot.  I had been so focused on homeschooling that I didn’t even think about it.  It was a great surprise for the kids and I to have him home early.

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